Attractive Checkered Plate

Checkered plate is the aesthetic, because it is smart to design the shape, as steel sheets for the floor is, of course, has received various patronize widely as veneer. At the same time it is very economical also less wear, and also to reduce the weight of shape, have a material mechanical properties, excellent uniform, as steel sheets for the floor and some of the highest quality We are confident. Looks and at the same time able to compete based on skin surface in the "Make-up products", with a high level of safety features to it ... "Life-board product" is checkered plate.

Uniform quality materials and excellent The quality is uniformly excellent material that has been so manufactured under quality control equipment attentive, in strict rolling technology, has been modernized and advanced years of experience.
Excellent workability and weldability Thickness accuracy is high for the material used had the proper chemical composition, processing and weldability is excellent or above as well as other structural steel and boasts the strength of the corresponding bending.
Slip effect enormous Safety effect of the stop is equal to slip in any direction even for pattern of wear in a row, so there is at an angle of 45 degrees for the peripheral, you can expect high. You can make the bird free plate aspect because there is no direction diagonally-striped also. Savings and yield improvement is possible by this material.
Good abrasion resistance Also in also in material shape, has an abrasion resistance (approximately three times the normal steel), will be less long-lasting wear of excellent part. Can withstand many months or years of the use of well weather resistance.
Beautiful design Checker plate is beautiful smart and modern design. We will demonstrate the beauty and harmonious use such as stairs / deck / floor. Flatness is excellent also.
Good Refugium Our pattern is designed to better, when the rain-washed is well and good corrosion resistance. You can also economical use is also suitable for outdoor use, from the above it is also thin.
Lightweight Have been omitted as much as possible the weight of waste by a reasonable shape and material. Weight can also reduce strength from above. It is very economical light weight per unit area also.
Accurate eye The island is accurate and clear eyes, stripes have raised beautifully sharp. As floorboards, of course, can be used widely as a veneer skin surface is also extremely beautiful.
Load resistance and impact resistance superior Are rich in load resistance and impact resistance. If you have previously used in the other side stairs / bridges / floorboards, thickness and weight savings will be possible.
Inexpensive price and economy Despite the excellence of quality and its characteristics, the price is reasonable. We will so fully convinced that the expectations of everyone in the house demand.
Other Industries such as shipbuilding and plant construction machinery, such as high tension if / Weatherproof / structure is required for the particular, are also available in a special checkered steel plate optimized by its use.
Attractive Checker Plate 01
Attractive Checker Plate 02

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