Aluminum Perforated Plate with pressed patterns has an anti-slip surface

Perforated plate is manufactured by cold punching sheets of metal with an arrangement of holes of any shape and size in various patterns. There is a large variety of perforated sheet and we only stock the more popular specifications although others are available to special order.

Perforated plate materials are aluminum sheet, stainless steel sheet and galvanized sheet. With the lightweight features, aluminum perforated plate is usually used in flooring as checker plate.

Perforated plates are used in a vast number of industries for sorting and screening any material from sugar and spice to sand and gravel. They are used extensively in heating and ventilating installations where they combine the practical with the ornamental.

We manufacture an other style aluminium tread plate sheet with pressed patterns as the left picture in the one row shown: pressed perforations at 14 mm - 20 mm centres and centre hole approx. 2 mm - 4 mm. This tread plate sheet in 3 mm or 4 mm thickness has an anti-slip surface and can be used on an ramp.

A piece of aluminum perforated plate with flat round holes.
APP-01: Flat round holes aluminum perforated plate grating.
A piece of aluminum perforated plate grating with raised round holes.
APP-02: Raised round holes aluminum perforated plate grating.
A piece of aluminum perforated plate with small raised round holes.
APP-03: Diamond safety grating.
Stair treads are installed with diamond safety gratings.
APP-04: Diamond safety gratings are used as stair treads for anti-slip.

New size: Aluminum perforated sheet - perforation on aluminum, pattern 1mm Dia hole & 5mm pitch (straight), sheet size 3000mm × 1500mm × 1mm thick.

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