Safety Steel Grating Platform and Walkway with Better Stiffness

Safety steel grating platform and walkway with various fabrications, such as welded, swage-locked, press-locked, riveted, and close mesh, are widely used for parking lot, factory, garden and offshore. They have different advantages: welded steel grating with common application; swage-locked and press-locked grating with better stiffness; riveted and close mesh grating are more suitable for people wearing high heels or roller skates. Safety steel grating platform or walkway also can combine with stair treads to form an extra safe structure.

Safety close mesh steel grating platform applicable in industrial site.
SSG-01: Safety steel grating used for industrial area.
Safety steel grating walkway lies above the sea.
SSG-02: Safety steel grating walkway offshore application.


  • Components: bearing bar, cross bar, (crimp bars and rivets for riveted grating).
  • Material: carbon steel, aluminum steel, stainless steel.
  • Surface treatment: galvanized, mill finished, painted, powder coated, etc.
  • Fabrication: welded, swage-locked, press-locked,riveted, close mesh steel.
  • Surface type: standard plain (smooth) surface, serrated surface.
  • Bearing bar type: rectangular bars or I bars.
  • Bearing bar spacing: 1-3/16", 15/16 (standard); 7/16" to 11/16" (close mesh).
  • Cross bar spacing: 2", 4".
  • Riveted grating bearing bar spacing: 1-1/8", 3/4".
  • Riveted grating cross bar spacing: 7", 3".
  • Riveted crimp bar size: 3/4" × 1/8", 1" × 1/8".
A plain stainless steel press-locked grating is placed on grassland.
SSG-03: Plain stainless steel press-locked safety grating.
A large serrated galvanized welded steel grating is placed in level.
SSG-04: Serrated galvanized welded safety steel grating.

Features of safety steel grating platform and walkway:

  • Large size grating and self-cleaning open surface.
  • Install easier than concrete grounds.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Durable and long service life.
  • Various types and widely used.

Application: platform and walkway.

  • Platform steel grating: widely used in parking lot, power plant, factory, waste treatment factories. Also combines with stair treads to work for people.
  • Walkway steel grating: commonly used in port, offshore, garden, pedestrian street. Easy to install and uninstall. Permanent or temporary applications are available.
    Walkway steel grating is used extensively with good air and water ventilation. In addition, it's available for pedestrian who wear high-heel shoes or roller skates, also suitable for passing of wheel chairs, baby carriage and other wheel equipment.
A platform showed in factory to work.
SSG-05: Safety steel grating for factory platform.
A platform combines stair treads to work as a new industrial structure.
SSG-06: Safety steel grating combines with stair treads.
Safety press-locked steel grating walkway in front of a structure.
SSG-07: Safety press-locked steel grating in walkway.
Safety steel grating walkway on the  bridge of a park.
SSG-08: Safety steel grating walkway in park.

Package: in pallets and belts.

Press-locked steel grating to be packaged with belts and pallet.
SSG-09: Press-locked steel grating packaged waiting for transportation.
Aluminum steel grating to be packaged by belts.
SSG-10: Aluminum steel grating packaged well.

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