O-Grip Safety Grating – High Anti-Slipping Protection

O-Grip safety grating, diamond-strut safety grating and interlocking safety grating are the three parts of safety grating. O-Grip safety grating made from high quality steel with superior slip-resistance is used widely for stair treads, walkway, platform, shipbuilding, boiler, automobile, tractor, railway carriage and architecture. Also, o-grip safety grating is widely applied to decoration with its good appearance, high security and strength.

A plate section of an o-grip safety grating with its front being showed.
OGSG-01: O-grip safety grating plate.
A plate section of an o-grip safety grating with its back being showed.
OGSG-02: The back of an o-grip safety grating plate.

O-Grip safety grating specification:

  • Materials: mill-galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, stainless steel, etc.
  • Metal gauge: Steel (11, 13, 16 gauge), aluminum (0.125").
  • Grating type: low-carbon steel plate, perforated plank grating.
  • Grating length: 10' and 12'.
  • Grating width: 5" (2-hole), 7" (3-hole), 10" (5-hole), 12" (6-hole), 18" (10-hole), 24" (13-hole), 30" (16-hole).
  • O-Grip grating walkway depth: 5".
  • O-Grip stair treads length: 24", 30" and 36".
  • O-Grip stair treads channel depth: 1-1/2" and 2".

Fittings: bolt washer seat kit, "J" clip kit, mid support clip, surface splice kit, walkway splice kit.

Grating installation: position grating sections are away from vertical steel sections at least 1/4", concrete walls at least 1/2".

4 safety grating plates form a stair under a platform; surroundings on one side of the stair include many plants.
OGSG-03: O-Grip safety grating with its practicality and security to help people go upstairs and downstairs.
A stair with 2 kinds of plates, including o-grip safety grating and diamond strut safety grating.
OGSG-04: O-Grip grating combines diamond-strut safety grating can add more security and anti-slipping to protect people.

O-Grip Safety Grating Features:

  • Surface: anti-slip and resilient surface grips soles securely in all directions.
  • Cleaning: the self-cleaning design allow debris and fluids to pass through easily.
  • Protection: the circle openings are small enough to catch most falling objects.
  • Long life: heavy load-carrying capacity and rugged durability give gratings a long life.
  • Fast installation: most sections are rapidly bolted, clamped or welded into place.
  • Free maintenance: cost can be saved.

Application: O-grip safety grating stair treads, walkway and platform are widely used for shipbuilding, bridge, boiler, automobile, tractor, railway carriage and architecture.

A picture includes many stair treads; these stair treads are formed of o-grip safety gratings.
OGSG-05: O-Grip safety grating with high anti-slipping used for stair treads.
A walkway formed from o-grip safety grating and guardrail is connected both ends.
OGSG-06: O-Grip safety grating used for walkways widely.


  • Packing with metal belt in pallet, outside wrap with plastic film;
  • Packaged in wooden cases;
  • At last in container, also accept customers special requirement.
Four packages of o-grip safety gratings with metal belts in pallet.
OGSG-07: The package of o-grip grating is good enough and waiting for shipment.
Packages of o-grip safety gratings with plastic films and metal belts.
OGSG-08: The package of o-grip grating with plastic films and fastened solidly by metal belts.

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