Aluminum Plate Stair Tread worth your every cent

Aluminum plate stair treads are ideal for retrofitting over existing dangerously slick flooring in applications that require a lightweight corrosion resistant surface. Non-slip aluminum plate stair treads are a cost effective way to create an instantly safe surface without completely replacing existing flooring.

Stair treads can be supplied in a range of metal sheets and plates. Metals: Aluminum with all grades including 1,000, 3,000 and 5,000 series; Galvanized steels and other metals.

Stair Tread Plate Lengths:

  • Metric: Standard lengths are 2 m, 2.5 m and 3.0 m.
  • USA standard lengths: 96" and 120".
  • Custom lengths are available.

Stair Tread Plate Width:

  • Metric: Standard widths are 1 m and 1.250 m.
  • USA standard widths are 36'' and 48''.
  • Aluminum plate stair treads can be custom fabricated to meet job specifications.
  • Available surfaces: aluminum, stainless steel, steel surface on aluminum.
  • Standard tolerance: Mill (for stock sizes), or + / - 1/8" (for customer specified sizes).
A piece of checker plate with round projection.
ACPT-01: Round projection aluminum checker plate.
A piece of aluminum checker plate with diamond projection.
ACPT-02: Diamond projection aluminum checker plate.
Stair treads are installed with round projection pattern checker plate.
ACPT-03: Round projection pattern aluminum checker plate stair treads.
Stair treads are installed with diamond projection pattern checker plate.
ACPT-04: Diamond projection pattern aluminum checker plate stair treads.

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