Interlocking Safety Grating with High Slip-Resistance

Interlocking safety grating with high slip-resistance, cost-saving design, easy installation and free maintenance is used widely in many areas, such as stair treads plank, flooring, platforms, mezzanines, walkways, and oil, gas, waste, sewage, mining industries. The distinct difference among interlocking safety grating and other safety gratings is that it can be interlocked solidly, and its opening long slots area occupying 45% of the surface permits quick passage of fluids, mud, snow and other debris. In addition, compared with diamond-strut safety grating, it's not so aggressive or give people additional hurt when people falls.

Two available interlocking safety gratings of textured and non-textured surface are interlocked.
ISG-01: One big characteristic of interlocking safety grating is that it can be interlocked.
A standard interlocking safety grating stair connecting a diamond-strut grating plank.
ISG-02: The practical application of Interlocking safety grating for anti-skid stair treads.


  • Metal materials: carbon steel (hot dipped, mill-galvanized steel).
  • Surface: textured or non-textured surface.
  • Surface treatment: mill-galvanized before fabrication.
  • Mesh opening: long dimple slots.
  • Metal gauge: 14, 16, 18.
  • Width: 3", 4", 6", 9", 12".
  • Channel height: 1-1/2", 2-1/2", 3", 4".
  • Length: 12', 20', 24' (other length to order).
  • Flange options: FM, MM, FF.
  • Surface condition: MG (traction grip), MS (smooth).
  • Accessories: hold-down clamp kit, hold down clip, anchor J-bolt.
  • Fasten assembly: welding.
One standard interlock safety grating stair treads.
ISG-03: Standard Interlock safety grating stair treads.
One interlock safety grating stair treads with nosing.
ISG-04: Interlock safety grating stair treads with nosing.

Features and benefits:

  • Cost-saving design.
  • Fast and simple installation.
  • Durable, solid and slip-resistant surface.
  • Light weight and heavy load.
  • Free maintenance.
  • Long life.
Interlocking safety grating used for motorway.
ISG-05: Interlocking safety grating plank for motorway.
Interlocking grating platform with perforated long-slot dimples for steel works.
ISG-06: Industrial interlocking grating platform picture.


  • Stair treads plank.
  • Flooring and walkway.
  • Platform (billboard, highway sign).
  • Mezzanine floor.
  • Trench and building drainage.
There are several kinds of safety gratings showed in a industrial site as walkways.
ISG-07: Safety grating has a good anti-slipping to use.
Interlocking safety grating applied to form a bigger and higher floor.
ISG-08: Because of the interlocked structure, interlocking grating scale and width can be large.

Package: packaged with metal belt in pallets

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