• Chequer plate
  • Blue powder coated Non Slip Stair Treads
  • Stainless steel Non Slip Stair Treads
  • A silver checkered plate with big rice projections.
  • A piece of etching metal with lotus texture.
  • A piece of etching metal with bamboo leaf.

Checker Plate, Aluminum, Galvanized and Stainless Steel Plate

Checker plate, also known as chequer plate, diamond plate, tread plate and floor plate, is a type of lightweight metal stock with a regular pattern of raised diamonds or lines on one side.

Xingying strives to provide customers with a variety of checker plate products which can be used in residential elevator, stairways for security. We supply all types of checker plate, such as plate floor diamond, embossed tread plate, non-slip stair treads and checker plate flooring. These checker plates are available in standard galvanized plate, aluminum plate or stainless steel plate materials. Our checker plate's thickness varies from 2mm to 22mm, length and width from 250mm to 4000mm. For example: 6mm × 2400 × 1200, 5mm ×2400 × 1200, 10mm × 2400 × 1200 and 3mm × 3600 × 1500. Other sizes are available upon request.

With rough surface, weather-resistant and low-wear, checkered plates can be used as floor board, factory stair boards, deck board and car boards, horse trailers and truck cover, loading ramps, building storage system. Perforated checker plates are used for sorting and screening any material from sugar, sand and gravel. Expanded steel plate mesh is mainly used in buildings and construction. Hard steel alloy plate can be used in concrete casting project as anti drilling mesh.

Our products in first class quality is offered at guaranteed low prices, and delivered in Standard Packing. If you want to get the load carrying capacity for checker plates in all materials or other info, please contact us.

Hot products:
AISI 304 stainless steel checker plate in sheet size 1250mm × 2500mm × 3mm.
Aluminium alloy tread plate roll with silver anodize finish, size 9100mm width, 5.6mm - 8.8mm thickness, 3600mm- 6400mm length.
Aluminum expanded plate: A387 Gr 5; Coils; 0.5mm × 4' Width × 4m length.
Galvanized checkered plates 1250mm × 2500mm × 5mm, 1500mm × 3000mm × 5mm, 1000mm × 2000mm × 5mm.
3m × 1.6m galvanized plate with 3mm to 4mm thick for horse trailer floor.
950mm × 600mm section diamond plate with 8 fixing holes, and 10mm fixing holes.
Mild steel checker plate 1.225m × 2.5m × 5mm thick, 1.225m × 2.5m × 8mm thick.
Mild steel checkered sheets 1.225m × 2.45m × 3mm thick, Galvanised.
Blank mild steel plate hot rolled 1.225m × 2.45m × 4mm thick.
48" × 120" × 0.250" thick checker deck plate.
Aluminium checker plate 1.225m × 2.5m × 8mm thick, 1.225m × 2.5m × 4.5mm thick.

Hot Products


Perfect checker plate!

We are designing a walkway that will be exposed to quite extreme weather conditions in Scotland, the walkway is on a radius. Finally, I chose the stainless steel checker plate. Because with corrosion resistance and rust resistance, it is perfect for our quite extreme whether conditions.

Perfect for my vehicle trailer!

I am looking for some heavy duty steel plating for my vehicle trailer. And sales expert suggested me the stainless steel embossed plate. This product was perfect for this application and the vehicle trailer is top notch.

United States
Fantastic design!

I am designing a steel deck for a tap room project in Colorado. The deck is 6' × 36'. I'd like to use metal decking. And the sales experts suggested me diamond plate galvanized or checker plate galvanized. Finally, I chose the diamond plate galvanized. Because I thought it can provide excellent skid resistance.

Good service and fantastic checker plate!

I am looking to install a stainless steel checker plate on an industrial freezer floor. I browsed the website and found this supplier can provide what I want. I told the sales expert what I need, and they gave me a very professional suggestion. Good service and fantastic checker plate!

It works well!

I'm looking for aluminum sheets or panels to make a trailer ramp for our schools 18 wheeler. We need the sheets or panels can avoid slip and light weight. And the sales expert advised the 1 1/2" aluminum checker plate with size 7' × 12'. And the panels just exactly fit our trailer ramp in our school.

Good recommendation!

I was looking for embossed checker plate. I want to use to cover the floors of my factory to make it safer and avoid slip and trips and also easy to clean spills. And the sales expert suggested me the stainless steel embossed checker plate which features safety and durability. Finally, I bought it and it is exactly what I want.